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Cyber Security

Uninterrupted Secure Communications and Centralized Management: Hybrid Cellular Networks

If data security and resilience is a priority in your cellular communications, it’s time to transform your private mobile network.

We provide you with a fully controllable on-premises cellular environment that supports up to 10,000 users in both static and mobile field conditions, communicating locally and connecting worldwide.

By routing all cellular traffic to your enterprise management system, we provide you with complete information and cyber security, seamless control and real-world day-to-day operational benefits, giving you the world’s most flexible cellular network solution, always available in standalone and integrated network expansion modes for connectivity.

With fully automatic network redundancy for disaster, emergency and operator network loss situations, we ensure that your cellular network and communications are uninterrupted even when your organization faces any unforeseen scenario.

Don’t let your cellular traffic go unprotected – Use 100% Dedicated Solution

With the growing importance of mobile communications and the future adoption of 5G, IoT and M2M technologies, why rely on external parties and foreign-based equipment to manage your data? Why lose your in-house security requirements?

By providing the world’s first cellular on-premises management environment, we offer you the ability to effectively deploy, utilize and manage your own cellular infrastructure and benefit from the highest levels of security and control with a simple intuitive deployment and management system.

More than a daily solution – Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

With automatic fallback between private and commercial modes, we ensure full network availability and disaster control for both intra- and inter-organizational communications. Thanks to a multi-channel backup subsystem, communication between sites continues even if the main networks are down. Unlike other existing private networks, our Hybrid Network is fully connected with commercial networks (Mobile Operator, Satellite Operator, Fixed Internet Operator), ensuring global connectivity and services at all times.

What do our customers gain?

Improved operations and flexibility

  • 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G cellular services
  • Easy Installation
  • High performance and ultra-low latency
  • 24/7 fully flexible operation and full local after-sales support
  • PTT over Cellular network with LMR / DMR integration
  • BYOD / BYOS services for any phone, smart device and IoT


  • Traffic encapsulation within the organization (cellular LAN)
  • Full communication monitoring and control with Deep Packet Inspection
  • Comprehensive information and cyber security, threat analysis and response
  • Interface with SOC and Cyber eco-system organization


  • Single user/service granular policy enforcement for QoS, Security and Cost Optimization
  • Managed connection to external internet, satellite, cellular and PSTN networks
  • Full traffic visibility for management and analysis
  • Simple to install and use by up-to-date IT and operations teams

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