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Digital Transformation

Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and Optimization

CEOs in industrial sectors all state that AI is part of their top priority. But when it comes to real application, AI projects are not very attractive. Past demos and hiring data science teams often fail to produce the observable results of the highly anticipated digital transformation CEOs wish for. No digital transformation without data […]

Digital Transformation

How Asset Management Enabled by Artificial Intelligence and a Physics-Based Digital Twin Reduces the Cost of Renewable Energy

Renewables Dominate Electricity Generation Growth The world is experiencing a revolution in how electricity is generated. As climate poses an existential threat to global ecologies and economies, the future belongs – and increasingly – to companies that can reliably and efficiently generate electricity from low- or zero-carbon sources. The transition to wind, solar and hydropower, […]

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0: Managing Operational Data

The concept of Digital Transformation is based on 3 pillars; High Processing Power (xPU Power) High volume storage Power (Storage) High speed communication power (Communications) All 3 technological foundations are related to the data generated/processed. In the coming Industry x.0 era, all industries will be based on data and its analysis. In order to get […]

Digital Transformation

OT/IT Convergence in Digital Transformation

In a rapidly changing world, the question is no longer whether you need to transform, but how. This change may differ for each organization and each business area. High connectivity, increased processing power and the ability to store high volumes of high-speed data appear to be the key elements in making Digital Transformation happen. But […]

Digital Transformation

Bridge the Gaps Between OT and IT

The Data Gap: IIoT and data analytics Today, companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, have advanced operational (OT) and information technology (IT) infrastructures. These technologies are so intertwined with the business processes of companies that they have become a part of the daily lives of the personnel using them. As these systems have evolved over […]

Digital Transformation

The Present and Future of the Internet of Things

Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, a time when intelligence will be embedded everywhere, and synthetic devices and systems will increasingly make decisions. In this era of IoT, there will be billions of devices communicating with each other: analyzing, interacting, measuring, responding and initiating it all without any human input. To see how […]