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Cyber Security

Power Generation Plants Continue to Be the Target of Cyber Attacks…

Global security risks and the resulting interruptions in access to energy resources have necessitated a new chapter in renewable energy. For every country, energy independence has become an important condition for national security. Today, energy production still relies heavily on underground energy resources, and even countries that are adequate in terms of these resources are […]

Cyber Security

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Operational Technology Security – Part 1

As industrial sectors such as energy, oil and gas, and manufacturing are rapidly digitizing their operations to remain competitive, executives are focusing on enterprise-wide cybersecurity. Converging IT and operational technology (OT) puts many systems such as safety instrumented systems (SIS), water flow meters and hydraulic pumps, as well as vital information stored in data lakes, […]

Cyber Security

Hacking Wind Farms May Be Easier Than You Think

CYBER ATTACKS AND PROTECTION IN RENEWABLE ENERGY As the share of renewable energy in world energy production increases, news of cyber-attacks on wind farms or turbine manufacturers is also on the rise. Most recently, Germany-based wind turbine manufacturer Nordex’s IT systems were hacked, shutting down IT systems at its own business and connections to remote […]

Cyber Security

OT/IoT Security – Never Trust, Always Verify

To date, many security experts have addressed the needs of IT, IoT and OT networks separately. However, as companies embrace and drive their digital transformation, these networks and the cloud are rapidly converging. Security and risk professionals should consider Zero Trust strategies to mitigate risk in these hybrid IT/IoT/OT/cloud environments. Starting from a ‘never trust, […]

Cyber Security

Threats to OT and Effective Mitigation Strategies

Why has OT security suddenly become a hot topic? We live in a rapidly changing, digital world where companies are delivering increasingly complex Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) business solutions. The key objective in Digital Transformation is to find efficiency and productivity gains that significantly impact the bottom line. Across industry sectors, we […]

Cyber Security

Securing IoT in Critical Industries

The notion that IoT devices are secure by design and/or that security features are enabled by default is deceptive, auditing and controls must match the fundamental challenges of IoT security today to be prepared for zero-day attacks. IoT projects promise unparalleled ROI for monitoring, diagnostics and analytics, enabling new business models. However, these projects lack […]

Cyber Security

Full IT/OT Cyber Security with Fortinet and Nozomi Networks

Broad, Integrated and Automated Security with Real-Time Cybersecurity and Visibility for Industrial Control Networks As the backbone of critical infrastructure, industrial control systems (ICS) are found in all industries, including energy, power, water, manufacturing and even military applications. Over the last decade, ECS has become more automated and advanced, but also more connected to traditional […]

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