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Cerrus Analytics Platform

Enterprise Real-Time Data Infrastructure

Every company today is looking for a reliable solution to manage the vast amounts of data they generate and an enterprise-wide system that consistently meets all the requirements of their IT strategy.

These requirements typically go beyond simple data storage, such as a historian or Data Warehouse, and require a full real-time data infrastructure to support both real-time operations and high-level business initiatives.

An enterprise data infrastructure should offer many advantages over a basic historian solution. This infrastructure approach differentiates itself from other OT software with key features.

  • High Connectivity: A true data infrastructure solution needs to connect to a wide variety of systems. Without high connectivity, data cannot be centrally aggregated for in-depth analysis, timely visualization and broad reporting.

  • Effective Accessibility: For data to be valuable, it must be accessible to the people and systems that need it. This access must be easy and fast.
  • Easy Integration: Data must always be accessible to the right people and by the right third-party systems. This ensures that seamless integrations extract more value from your critical process data.
  • Wide Scalability: With the rapidly increasing amount of data that existing IT solutions need to handle, there is a need for a robust scalable system. It allows us to get all data to all users in real time, even down to sub-second data.
  • High Performance: The most performant solution for every end user to achieve fast and reliable results.
  • Flexibility: Every company has different metrics, legal and reporting requirements and processes. Such a flexible data infrastructure is necessary to ensure that you have full control to define your own analysis and enter your own intellectual property. 
  • Secure Data Transfer:In today’s volatile environment, cybersecurity is a concern for all organizations. Your data is a vital business asset.

A real-time data infrastructure is required to achieve operational goals and support business initiatives. The Cerrus Analytics Platform provides this enterprise-wide infrastructure and enables users to analyze and aggregate real-time, historical and future data and events into user-defined actionable insights, all in real-time.