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İletişim / Contact

İçerenköy Mah. Umut Sok. Quick Tower, Kozyatağı – İstanbul / Türkiye


+90 216 999 1394

// Cerrus Information Technologies

Cerrus Information Technologies

Cerrus = Turkish Oak; reflects our origins as a company and our aim to be successful, honest and virtuous.

Digital Transformation is now a necessity and top priority for all businesses and facilities. Ever-increasing processing power, high volumes of high-speed sensor data and seamless communication are at the heart of Digital Transformation.

In order for your business to benefit from this transformation in the most effective way, we, as Cerrus, are your partner who makes improvements with you 24/7, providing you with an assistant and value chain that provides you with insight every step of the way.

We provide high-precision production forecasting, multi-data analysis, predictive maintenance programs, production efficiency and optimization with our AI-supported digital twin platform in Energy, Manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities.

By creating the most suitable combination and model of modern IIoT (Industrial IoT) technologies including Data Collection, Storage, Development, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security for your business; we collect and store data over existing equipment, machine park, recipe and production lines in order to increase commercial profitability and create analyzes for ideal results without interrupting production processes.

We do all this with our 30 years of field and management experience, Global Knowledge, Local Expertise and Local Support locally in our country.

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