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EKS Cyber Security

Cybersecurity has never been more challenging for industrial organizations. Recent attacks on critical self-security systems have shown that traditional defenses cannot stop sophisticated attackers.

Growing political unrest increases the likelihood of more sophisticated attacks against industries that support daily life, such as electric utilities, transportation and manufacturing. OT The potential risks to security, operational performance and information privacy require constant vigilance.

Digital transformation is adding fuel to this firestorm. Deployments of unmanaged IoT devices are expanding attack surfaces. Increased connectivity between IT, OT, Cloud and third-party systems creates more ways for attackers to pivot to critical systems. Protecting infrastructures against these new vulnerabilities is both critical and challenging, as these developments can occur without warning.

Industrial Operators Need Wide and Deep Visibility

Security teams may not be able to fully defend systems against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. And they will continue to struggle to protect the ever-expanding threat surface created by digital connectivity. But visibility into these threats can help them minimize security risks. Those who know about new malware and attacks on other organizations can update security policies and increase monitoring of at-risk assets and users.

Awareness of system-wide communications and vulnerabilities can direct security efforts to the most critical issues. Recognition of changes in assets and connections can trigger rapid reviews and responses to new weaknesses in security defenses and policies.

To be effective, visibility must be both broad and deep, covering all assets and connected systems. Visibility must also be comprehensive, providing defenders with the information they need to quickly assess risks and implement an appropriate response. Rapid detection of changes is also essential to give security personnel time to act before attackers can exploit new vulnerabilities.

While security teams have these capabilities for traditional IT systems, they often lack good visibility into OT systems and unmanaged IoT devices. This increases risks for all connected systems.

Continuous OT Network Monitoring Increases Threat Visibility

Continuous OT network monitoring solutions and anomaly detection have become a key tool for security visibility and iot and ot security in complex industrial control systems. The visibility value of these products has been proven in a wide range of industrial operations.

Passive network traffic monitoring and deep packet inspection of specialized protocols enable the collection of key asset information in real-time, 24×7 without violating the strict constraints of control systems. The solutions also quickly detect changes to system assets and normal network message flows.

Significant enhancements to continuous OT security network monitoring technology have been made over the last few years. Advanced solutions include features that greatly enhance security visibility across a wide range of IT, OT and IoT devices.