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Digital Transformation

OT/IT Convergence in Digital Transformation

In a rapidly changing world, the question is no longer whether you need to transform, but how. This change may differ for each organization and each business area.

High connectivity, increased processing power and the ability to store high volumes of high-speed data appear to be the key elements in making Digital Transformation happen.

But often, building digital capabilities is not the hardest part of the transformation. Breaking down organizational silos to create reportable, actionable operational processes and a truly connected system that engages the entire organization, including end users and suppliers, is a much bigger challenge.

The most fundamental component of building a digital organization is creating the ability to relearn within your organization.

The primary drivers for digital transformation are either significant opportunity or existential threat. Significant opportunities are the ability to redesign the services your organization delivers to reduce costs, optimize operations and increase revenue.

Because your business needs, production design and environment are unique to you, the Digital Transformation solutions and improvement opportunities offered will also be unique to you.

In order to create facility models developed separately or together for inevitable headings such as raw materials, supply, process, time, personnel, logistics, which are the main cost sources in all production facilities, the existing flow should be listened to and monitored, data should be collected and stored from all relevant endpoints regardless of brand, and your operations should be ensured to proceed at optimum cost with rational data by creating algorithms specific to you.

Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT) must be able to converge and work together, especially in verticals such as Production, Energy, Critical Infrastructures, etc. in order to carry out all these data-oriented studies and to achieve a Data / Model-oriented Digital Transformation. Data in operational environments must be shared and processed accurately and securely with all levels of the company.

The following objectives should be realized with OT/IT convergence.

  • Total Visibility
    • Operational Visibility, Anomaly Detection and Integrated IT/OT Data Model can collect, store and make sense of operational data.
  • Data in Context
    • With OT/IT Data integration, risks and costs can be minimized; Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance studies, Process Predictions, Calculations / Reports, Interfaces can be created to achieve operational excellence.
  • Territory of Defense
    • Current and future vulnerabilities in industrial automation and control systems should be eliminated and risks should be reduced with infrastructures compliant with the ISA/IEC 62443 standard.
  • Your Network in Your Control
    • Private LTE, LoRaWAN, SD-WAN, Satellite, BLE, Wired or Wireless communication solutions should enhance your facility’s connectivity and data collection capabilities.

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