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İletişim / Contact

İçerenköy Mah. Umut Sok. Quick Tower, Kozyatağı – İstanbul / Türkiye


+90 216 999 1394

// Cerrus Information Technologies

Nozomi Networks Guardian OT and IoT Cyber Security

OT and IoT Security and Visibility

Define – Asset Discovery and Network Visualization

  • Automatically monitor your OT and IoT assets
  • Visualize your OT networks now

Assess – Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Monitoring

  • Quickly identify your vulnerability risks
  • Continuously monitor your network and automation systems

Detect – Threat Detection and Anomaly Detection

  • Detect threats and anomalous behavior quickly
  • Effectively monitor mixed environments

Take Action – Time-Saving Dashboards and Forensic Tools

  • Significantly improve OT and IoT risk management
  • Greatly reduce troubleshooting and forensics efforts

Scale – Unified Security for Thousands of Distributed Sites

  • Scale easily with optimal performance
  • Easily integrate with SOC/IT environments for integrated OT security and IoT cybersecurity